Summer Peach Cake

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We live in Monmouth County NJ. We love it… but let’s face it. NJ is the punch line of many jokes. However, there are great things that come from NJ, especially in terms of food. In the summer, one of the gifts from the Garden State are the local peaches. (Sweet corn and tomatoes are up there too!)  Following is a great peach cake recipe.

SUMMER PEACH CAKE RECIPE ……From Cook’s Illustrated.

 Janine’s notes:  I love this recipe and thought it would be good to share it.    I prep all ingredients out separately. Now in summer we are getting good peaches, I still use the Schnapps. Overripe  peaches are no good, too mushy.  I use ones that are not too firm..but not too soft… but more on the firm side with a little give when you squeeze lightly.     (no snickering after reading those words, I am just telling you what I use)


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