5 Things To Ask A Light Worker Before You Give Them Your Money




I had a bad experience recently and it made me realize why I have so many people who are wary of me when they first approach me online. I’m always immediately met with, “Are you real? Please tell me you’re real.”, and I’ve always been so perplexed by this. So, I owe you all a huge apology.

I got a medium reading a few weeks ago and I have to tell you guys, I was pretty disappointed. He obviously went creeping on my facebook page, and made assumptions about me (keep in mind, I didn’t ask for a psychic reading, I purchased a medium reading–meaning, I wanted to reach a loved one). It was so off, I just wanted to cry. I’m psychic, okay? I should have been able to tell that he was a con-artist, right?

Then I just got really angry. I felt so cheated out of my 150 bucks. I felt so lied to. I felt like this person didn’t care about me at all, and he didn’t even try. It hurt. It really hurt me. So I processed my anger and realized that this is happening all over the internet, and instead of being angry at this one guy, I should do my part to protect this sort of thing from happening to others.

I have compiled a list of questions that you should always ask before you choose who you dole out your money to. You want to make sure you can trust an individual so you can know that you’re dealing with an authentic light worker. Don’t end up 150 bucks short like me. If I can get ripped off, then so can you.

1.  When did you realize you had gifts, and what did you do to develop them?

What you’re looking for is a history of the person. And not just “my grandmother’s grandmother” blah blah. Those of us who are truly gifted have tales of weirdness that encompass our entire lives. We all have struggled to accept our uniqueness, and we’ve all had fears about being rejected. If the story you get from a potential light worker doesn’t sound genuine, unique, and honest, find another light worker.

2.  Who are your Spirit or Angel Guides, when did you meet them, and why did they come to you?

Your light worker should know his or her spirit or angel guides, including their names, the age each guide came into his or her life, and the event that caused those awakenings. If a light worker can’t tell you this, don’t give them money.

3.  Do you use divination tools when you’re doing a reading?

Tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulums, bones, entrails, runes–all of these are tools for divination and all of them are valid ways to produce truthful results. If your light worker uses tools for divination, he or she will be more trustworthy. To begin with a new light worker, purchase the cheapest reading he or she offers using divination tools. If the reading resonates with you, move forward as a client. If the reading is off, let your light worker know. If he or she agrees to re-do the reading for you, you’ve found your new guide. Remember that some messages received in a “cold reading” may not resonate with you right away. Give yourself at least 24 hours to process the information given, and ask a question to clarify anything you don’t understand. If you decide to question the validity of the reading, please be kind and non-confrontational. Remember that a truly gifted person has a heightened awareness, so his or her feelings can be hurt easily. If the reading is off, simply say, “I’m not resonating with this. Would you mind doing it again?” Please be mindful of that person’s schedule, and wait patiently for a re-do. Light workers are human, too, and sometimes we can get overwhelmed with clients. Allow a new light worker time to take a break so that your re-do reading will be unclouded by outside stressors. Whatever you do, don’t get aggressive and mean, and don’t ask for a refund. Just move on to your next potential light worker. Some folks just don’t vibe with one another. No need to get nasty.

4.  Will you tell me the truth even if it’s not what I want to hear?

I’m going to get real here with you guys and tell you that the majority of you don’t want to hear the truth. You make it very difficult for psychics to always be upfront. If you aren’t ready to hear the truth, don’t demand that your light worker be authentic.

5. Look for kindness and expect boundaries.

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s not a question you can ask, okay. But still-

The most important aspect you can look for is kindness. Does this person really seem genuinely concerned about your well-being? Does he or she seem honest? Does he or she share an open dialogue with you? Does your potential light worker ask questions to get to know you? Or do they seem to only want to get into your pocketbook? Do they use proper grammar and spelling? Or does it seem like they merely typed something up in a hurry? Do they set a tone of happiness and joy? Or do they set a tone of doom and gloom? Authentic psychics, empaths, spell casters, root workers, light workers, spiritualists, healers, and mediums are intrinsically kind. Their kindness usurps them, so please be patient. Keep your emails to a minimum and your correspondence light. A true light worker’s energy can be used up quickly. A light worker can easily become a door mat, so when you find the right match for you, please stay mindful. A light worker who sets boundaries is a healthy light worker–and you want a spiritual guide who is healthy. The more you honor their well-being, the more they will be able to help you find your purpose, your power, and your peace. Kindness is key, but boundaries are healthy. Always be respectful, and turn away from a light worker who doesn’t respect you back.


Please comment and let’s start a conversation! What are some other aspects you look for when searching out a light worker? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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One thought on “5 Things To Ask A Light Worker Before You Give Them Your Money

  1. Discernment is crucial! I don’t know that I would ever feel confident enough to seek a reading on-line. It seems to me that there are just too many variables out of our control there. Of course, if you are guided to do that then it’s different and using your own tools of the trade will soon let you know if you have the read deal. I have been to several face to face and they have all been very good.


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