A Complainer’s Guide to Happiness

Taking ownership of your own behaviors and maneuvering through your emotions to get to a place of peace isn’t the easiest thing to do, is it? You’ve gone a lot of years blaming others, or chance, or the universe, or even God for your rotten luck. What’s worse, you’ve blamed yourself more harshly than anyone or anything else. You’ve built a life of chaos and despair so precisely and carefully, it could take a year to dismantle it. It could take ten years. 
But what would happen if you started right now to do something different? I can give you a 100% guarantee that if you start right now, in 30 days you will feel better, and you’ll be pointed in the right direction. In a year, there will be monumental improvement. Stop whining about how you haven’t reached your fullest potential and do one thing each day to move toward it. Just one thing. That’s all you have to do. If you like how you’re feeling now, don’t do anything different. Stay where you are. Be comfortable in your complaints and your life that constantly gets in your way of happiness. It’s everybody else’s fault, right? The Universe is against you, huh? God is punishing because you are bad. Well okay, if you say so. But you’re the only one saying so, and that is the truth. 
Here’s the thing about your life. Your life is yours, and if you feel better headed in a new direction, go. Go right now. Even if that means stopping for one minute to appreciate a tree, or your spouse, or better yet, yourself. Make a commitment to give 60 seconds of your day to something different. The faster you go, the faster your results. But 60 seconds a day is a great start. 
If you need help, find me here.
You can be your best self. Start today. 


3 thoughts on “A Complainer’s Guide to Happiness

  1. Your 100% guarantee is right on target. Some years ago I “evolved” following dire illness. More than just physical healing (and of course the sweet touch of others along the way) it was primarily my daily moment of choosing to write something positive on paper that brought me back. Sometimes it was more than difficult to nearly impossible for good thoughts to find the light of day. The words you were so gracious to pingback earlier this evening were written during that time. ❤


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